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About Legend Acres

Legend Acres was founded by an experienced dog behavior specialist and Veterinary Technologist. Our Main Office is Located in Surprise Arizona and serves the greater Phoenix Area. We also offer in person training & classes in Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Legend Acres provides flexible, evidence-based education to dogs of all ages and breeds. Legend Acres premier dog training program has an excellent reputation for taking a psychological approach to training from the animal's point of view. The highly customized group, private, and interactive online lessons are available to help raise horses, puppies, train service dogs from start to finish, administer obedience training, and deal with severe behavior problems like anxiety and aggression. Legend Acres offers a range of programs to meet any needs and concerns, including the introductory session for first-time customers, private sessions to teach better obedience and communication skills, and six-week group classes covering obedience and cognition. Dog and horse owners learn effective communication skills that employ gentle, common sense methods.