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Legend Acres offers scientific based positive reinforcement trust based dog training for you and your pet so your dog can become a better behaved canine citizen. Legend Acres teaches you how to create a stronger bond with your pets as well as reducing unwanted behaviors.
Legend Acres trainers are certified obedience trainers and use positive Scientific Based Approach with Positive Reinforcement and Trust Centered Training and Canine Cognition.
Legend Acres Dog Obedience classes are designed to make dogs more fun to be around. What many of us don't know is that it has other, less obvious, benefits. Obedience training helps your dog adjust to life situations and it also gives her a mental workout--something that many canines need just as much as physical exercise to stave off boredom and make them feel useful. And some commands, like a good recall, may even save your dog's life one day.


Legend Acres training program is designed to allow you to get the maximum results of training in a shorter time frame.
All of our curriculum's are 6 weeks long with weekly sessions.  Single Sessions for Behavior Modification are available for your convenience to help you solve one to two issues in a hour and half session.  
Our program consists of 4 Obedience Classes Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, and Urban.
Those wanting to go on to Service Dog work with then take a Public Access Test and then move on to specific task training.
Legend Acres now offers 4 AKC Trick Courses as well as Graduate Classes!!!
Behavior Modification and anxiety curriculum are built into the obedience classes as customized for you dogs needs.

For more information about each course click on the course links below!!!!  For questions or inquiry email LegendAcres@hotmail.com
Assessments are available and recommended so we can place you in the correct curriculum as well as meet the trainer!!!  Payment Plans available. Call Legend Acres 931-516-3064 or book online!!!!
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