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Did you know Service Dogs can be used to support people
with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and an array of psychiatric

disorders to include anxiety and fears of being in public.

Dogs can be trained to accomplish many tasks that helps

ease symptoms.

Legend’s Heroes offers a unique way of getting a
Service Dog trained quickly, efficiently and affordably. Your
pet dog may even qualify to become service dog.

Is a Service Dog right for your?

Do you have the drive to overcome your symptoms and
know that with a little support your can make big strides in
your every day life? Are you willing to commit to building a
relationship with your dog that encourages two way

How to get qualified for Service Dog Training Course?

1. Schedule a Free Assessment: This is an appointment you
and your dog. If you don’t have a dog yet, that’s okay we
can help you make a decision on where and how to get a

2. Sign up for the Fundamentals Course: In this six-week
course you and your dog will learn to communicate the
way that will be imperative to the Service Dog training
course. For this reason it is a mandatory requirement and
dogs can not test out of it.

3. Get a prescription from your doctor: Once you have a
prescription, we can begin the training protocol for your
service dog certification.

Dog Training Locations

Legend Acres Online Live Training Sessions

Codobe 12211 W Bell Road, Suite 107 Surprise, AZ 85378

Dick McComb Dog Park 17894 Westpark Blvd Surprise, AZ
Community Dog Park 15930 N. Bullard Avenue Surprise, AZ
In Home Sessions Greater Phoenix Area, AZ