Fundamentals Class On-Demand Training Course

Do you wish you could communicate with your Dog?

You got that adorable puppy, or new to you dog and now you need to know the basics on how to care, teach, and raise your pup to be a well-adjusted dog.  

A new puppy is learning about the world and all the wonders of it.  They are curious and need to be taught what is safe and what is not.  Puppies are often removed from their birth mom at eight weeks old.  When a puppy is 8-16 weeks old, this is their crucial time to learn what they need to know to be a well-adjusted dog.  As a pet parent, it is our responsibility to provide this information to our puppies during this critical time.  

As a new to you dog learning life and how to adjust in your home is critical for dogs within the first three months of adoptions!!! 

What is Fundamentals Dog Training?

Dog are like toddlers and need to be shown the way.  They want to make their pet parents happy.  When you learn good pet communication skills, they will respond and learn to make the right choices, even when no one is looking. 

When you take a Fundamentals Dog Training class, also known as a Puppy Class or Basic Obedience Class, you and your dog learn two-way communication skills.  You learn how dogs learn, get their attention, provide positive reinforcement, and make adverse behaviors go extinct. 

Fundamentals class is essential in building a long and trusting relationship with your pup at an early age. Fundamentals class is for puppies of any age to learn the basics of sit, down, come, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, prevent and stop jumping, pulling, and biting. We will explore the world of puppy ownership and providing a high quality of life for your pup.

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How Do I take a Class Online?

Learn from certified trainers in the comfort of your own home! You'll work through our fun and easy to follow program with an experienced instructor giving you personalized feedback at every step.

Unlike other online courses, we offer a fully interactive program with unlimited video submissions and one-on-one coaching. With detailed written feedback or additional video recordings created just for you, you'll never be left wondering how to handle the unique challenges of your very special dog.

Legend Acres offers online sessions that are on demand so you can take these classes around your schedule!  The on demand course is self paced and takes you through our training course in small segments so you can fit into your free time.  

On demand fundamentals course is appropriate for puppies ages 10 weeks to Adults.  

Fundamentals classes are designed to help you raise a well adjusted and well behaved puppy into a happy healthy dog and new to you dogs a happy well adjusted life.

Fundamentals classes include basic obedience training, leash walking, housebreaking, positive reinforcement of good behaviors, trust centered training and puppy socialization.

After completion of this course your puppy will be qualified to take the AKC STAR Puppy Test.  This is included with the price of your class!

Book a FREE Dog Behavior Consultation and Training Goals Session with Legend Acres

What do I need to know?


First get your pup to your vet to make sure you have a clean bill of health and appropriate vaccines.  Dogs must have proof of a minimum of 3 DHLPP Vaccines and Rabies Vaccine or a note from the vet.


Register for "101 - Fundamentals Course Session 1" in our training platform.  


Your sessions will be available for 6 months after you register.  If you will not be able to complete your courses in 6 months please contact us.