Legend's Heroes Service Dog Training

Are you considering a PTSD Service Dog?

Legend Acres is proud to present, Legend's Heroes Service Dog Training Program. Legend’s Heroes program was launched in March of 2020 and consists of service dog training for service dog teams to include PTSD Service Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, and Mobility Support. 

Our trainers can determine if your current pet is appropriate for completing the Service Dog Certification Program or assist with dog selection to meet the criteria. 

Through virtual and on-demand courses, you can complete the training on your own time in a safe space for you. 

Initial Program: Free Assessment, Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, Urban, Finalize Doctor Prescription, Public Access Test, and Specific Task Training. 

Schedule a free phone consultation today to get started.

What is a PTSD Service Dog?

Service Dogs can be used to support people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health conditions.  Dogs can be trained to accomplish many tasks that helps ease the symptoms of PTSD and other mental health conditions. 

Legend’s Heroes offers a unique way of getting a PTSD Service Dog trained quickly, efficiently and affordably.  Your pet dog may even qualify to become service dog. 

Is a Service Dog right for you? 

Do you have the drive to overcome your symptoms and know that with a little support you can make big strides in your every day life?  Are you willing to commit to building a relationship with your dog that encourages two way communications? 

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How Much Does a Service Dog Cost?

In traditional programs, a Service Dog can cost between $10,000 and $15,000 and can take nearly 3 years to receive after the service dog has been prescribed by a doctor.  

With Legend Acres, you can have a trained service dog in as little as two years for $390 - $3000. (Price Varies for Group or Private Training and number of Task Training Sessions) 

How you can help Support a Team in Training Today

Legend Acres Service Dog Training Program

Force-free, positive reinforcement based dog training.

At Legend Acres Dog Training we understand what it means to have a Service Dog to assist with Mental Health Conditions.

We teach you how your dog communicates and learns so you can establish a two way form of communication to achieve the desired behavior together.  

With our unique training programs you will learn effective communications skills with gentle, common sense methods that will get you quickly seeing results.

Our classes are offered in a variety of ways to meet your time frame and budget.  You can do virtual-on-demand classes, private classes, group classes or a combination of the three.  

If you aren't sure where to start with your Service Dog Training, contact us today.

How To Get Started

Schedule A Free Consultation

During this call we discuss your needs for a Service Dog, where you are in the process of getting a prescription for a Service Dog and whether you have a dog that meets the requirements or if you need assistance finding a dog that does. 

Start with Fundamentals

All Service Dog Teams will start in the Fundamentals Course in our Online Dog Training Program.  

Even if you dog has the basics down, we go over how dogs learn and training commands that will be imperative to completing the remaining courses.  

Provide Prescription

Once we have received the prescription from your provider for a Service Dog we can begin the training protocol for your Service Dog Certification.

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