Ditch the Pinch

06-08-2023 03:18 PM By Legend Acres

Ditch the Pinch: Free Trade

Legend Acres is on a mission to promote a more humane and compassionate approach to pet training. As part of our "Ditch the Pinch" campaign, we are encouraging pet owners to trade in their aversive collars for a free, high-quality Lupine collar. These collars are designed to be comfortable and safe for your furry friend, without resorting to painful or harmful training methods.


- High-quality Lupine collars

- Free trade-in program for aversive collars (Herm Sprenger, pinch collar, choke collar, and the like)

- Humane and compassionate approach to pet training


- Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable

- Promote a more humane and compassionate approach to pet training

- Join a community of pet owners who care about their furry friends' well-being

- Help spread the word about the importance of force-free, fear-free, and bond-based training methods.

If you're interested in participating, you can contact Legend Acres at 931-516-3064 or info@Legend-Acres.com for more information. Let's make sure our furry friends are comfortable and safe this summer!

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